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Having an Active Social Media Presence Can Increase Your ROI

In this day and age of Social Media, you can easily promote your business on the various platforms. To be successful, you will need to develop content specific to each platform you choose to market on.

When you choose to market through social media, you are taking your content to the customer where the customer will see it through the course of their day. Marketing on social media will increase brand awareness through customer engagement. Each like, comment, share or re-post of a post can lead to more and more consumers visiting your site.

Your social media presence will also enhance your lead generation abilities. You can create business profiles where you can include links, keep a blog, provide updates, or even host videos. If your business primarily is B2C and sells to consumers, you can even directly sell your products through shopping features on both Facebook and Instagram.

A friendly social media presence allows you to nurture your relationships with your customers. You have an opportunity to interact with them on a more personal level. These types of interactions can help you better understand customer needs through their comments and responses.

Another benefit of a social media presence is the ability to monitor what your competition is doing with their social media presence. You can see their marketing campaigns and how much and how well they are interacting with their clientele.

The benefits expand when you realize that you can actually see which of their marketing ideas are successful and which ones might not be working. This knowledge can help you decide your next steps with your own social media strategy.

Preparing Your Social Media Presence

Know Your Social Media Audience

To create the appropriate social media strategy, you will want to think about your customer base. How would you classify them? Is your product specific to one certain group? Or does your client base cross several different groups?

Once you have identified your audience better, we will assist you in developing the appropriate content that will most appeal to your target audience. We will help you with timely updates to keep them engaged.

Once you know your audience, you can then identify which of the social media platforms would be best to include in your strategy. While there is no right or wrong way to do this, our experience can help place you in the right place at the right time.

Lastly, it is a good idea to create a schedule for when content is released on your chosen platforms. That allows you to keep your information fresh and timely. Our experienced representatives will help you identify the best calendar strategy for your needs.

Social Media Platforms and Their Audiences

Social Media Channels

Following is the most basic information for each of the most popular social media platforms. We have briefly identified the general population of users, type of audience, and type of content appropriate to each platform.


It is estimated that over 2 billion people log on to Facebook each day. Most of this population consists of Millennials and Generation X, although plenty of Boomers are active there as well. This is best for marketing directly to your consumers. Facebook allows you to raise brand awareness and purchase direct advertising content.


It is estimated that approximately 125 million users are active on Twitter every day. The audience here is believed to be primarily Millennials, but there seems to be a healthy presence of all age groups here. You can expect an audience of both consumers and other businesses. Twitter is best for customer service and to enhance your public relations.


An estimated 1 billion people are active on Instagram each month. This is a good platform to advertise to a mostly millennial audience. Instagram works best with subtle advertising. This could include a quick peek behind the scenes where your audience can interact with you. Advertising content space is also available here.

Linked In

Approximately 675 worldwide users will log on to Linked In at least once a month. This is the best platform for marketing to other businesses. You can reach a wide variety of generations here, and the platform is most effective for employment marketing and business development.


The YouTube platform allows you to reach across many generations. A projected 2 billion people log on to YouTube each month. You can get your message directly to the consumer through brand awareness. You can post videos to entertain or you can develop a series of videos that will educate the consumer. How-to videos have proven extremely popular on the site. Content ads are also available here.


Worldwide, it is estimated that 229 million worldwide users are active on Snapchat every day. This platform can help you get brand awareness and advertising out to your audience. This audience is primarily younger.


If you are most interested in getting your message out to an estimated audience of 367 users that primarily consist of younger boomers and older millennials, then Pinterest would be the platform to focus on. You can use visual advertising and provide inspirational content to reach your audience.