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If you haven’t optimized your business listing with Google My Business, you’re making a big mistake. This tool will help you give your business listing the kind of efficient, professional look that will boost your search result rank and convert viewers into customers.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool for managing the way your business listing appears on Google Search and Maps. With it, you can get all of the information your customers are searching for, like your hours, address, photos and more, right there on the search page. Optimizing your GMB listing will push your business up higher in the search engine results, giving it the kind of easy visibility it needs to thrive. It is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

The GMB tool lets you connect with your customers and see how they interact with your business on Google, which is the kind of data you need to maximize your return in online investment. It lets you read and respond to their reviews, post photos and videos, and more. It is an effective way to build lasting customer relationships.

Don’t Assume that Customers will “Just Find You” Online

Just because your business has a major presence online doesn’t mean that potential customers are just going to find it. The size of your online presence is not the only factor in determining your search ranking, and if you don’t appear on the first page or two, most potential customers will never find you. You need to do everything you can to move up in the ranks. If you want to get to the tops of the mobile and desktop search results, Google My Business is a must

Today’s Shoppers Trust Google

Google is THE major search engine, owning 90% of the search market worldwide. Improving your Google visibility means you are doing the most you can do to improve your visibility to your customers. Additionally, today’s shoppers rely on Google to help them make purchase decisions. Verifying your business information on Google Business makes customers twice as likely to see your company as reputable and trustworthy, and that means more sales.

Your Business Needs the Professional GMB Look

Adding a photo to your listing leads to a 35% increase in click throughs. It also leads to a 40% increase in people looking for driving directions to your business. Responding to customer reviews of your business is a great way to build long term trust and brand loyalty. Google My Business can do all of this for you.

Furthermore, the ability to manage your listing appearance lets you put up photos of products, notices of special offers, and other things that will convert views into purchases. This kind of timely content really gives your business a professional appearance that prospective customers can trust.

Google My Business Can Grow Your Company’s Online Presence

If your business is just getting started and doesn’t even have a website yet, GMB can help you with its free professional business website. This website is created automatically for you based on the information that you entered into the GMB tool. It even keeps itself updated! All you have to do is choose a site theme and give your customers a few ways to contact you. If your company already has a website, Google My Business can promote it and drive more traffic to it. It can even connect whole new demographics to your business.

Google My Business Resources

The GMB Guide to Getting Started is an excellent way to learn to use the tool.

GMB Insights can teach you how to optimize your engagement with your customers.

GMB Community is a place where you can connect with and learn from other GMB users.

The GMB App can keep you connected on the go.

The GMB Help Center can help you fix any GMB-related problems you may have.

The Takeaway

There are far too many people searching online for products or services just like the ones your business offers. You need to do everything you can to boost your company’s search results position as high as it can go. Google My Business is an invaluable tool for doing just that. Get started with Google My Business today at